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About Our Company

Rhino Transport & Logistics Group is a leading Estonian transport and forwarding company, which joins the work of several enterprises having various areas of business activity. All of them are engaged in the organization of exported/imported cargo delivery and forwarding with various types of transport globally.
The company have been working in the field of logistics since 1994 and today it is one of the largest European companies specialising in the delivery of freight containers from the EU to the CIS countries and back.

Rhino Transport & Logistics Group suggests a full list of “door-to-door” services with multimodal transportation:

  • Every possible way to deliver cargo (sea, automobile, railway, and air transportation)
  • Storage /cargo handling (weighing, marking, packaging, repacking, palletizing, warehousing)
  • Execution of cargo documents
  • Cargo declaring and customs clearance services
  • Consolidation of goods on terminals from various suppliers for one consignee
  • Services of customs carrier
  • Cargo insurance
  • Execution of phytosanitary and veterinary certificates
  • Transportation, labelling, and declaration of dangerous goods (IMO)

17 years of work experience, partnerships with leading warehouses, ports and suppliers of equipment, professionalism of the staff and a guaranteed individual approach to each customer are the main reasons to contact Rhino Transport & Logistics Group and entrust an important part of your business to the Group that will be in charge of accurate and efficient logistics.