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Rhino Transport & Logistics Group is the largest Estonian company delivering cargo to CIS, Central Asia, Caucasus and Turkey.

Own fleet of 150 vehicles

Your cargo will be delivered with the help of modern equipment: cars, platforms for transportation of sea containers of different sizes, eurotents – the whole fleet of the company undergoes regular maintenance. You will also have access to vehicle geo-positioning tracking during the fulfillment of your order.

Legal Transparency

The Rhino Transport & Logistics Group fleet is registered in the EU, and the company also has carrier partners in other Eastern European countries. This allows you to transport your goods across different countries without the seasonal risks associated with the lack of bilateral and third-country permits for international road transportation – no bureaucratic delays along the way.

Owned and rented warehouse complexes

You can always use warehouse complexes with all necessary equipment in Tallinn (Estonia), Vilnius (Lithuania), besides, we have partner warehouses in other CIS countries and Eastern Europe. The company also regularly concludes contracts with other warehousing service providers, so you have the opportunity to transship containers in other European ports.

Customs clearance assistance

The specialists of Rhino Transport & Logistics Group will provide you with brokerage services both in Europe and CIS countries. The company will also help with customs clearance of any import/export cargo from any country in the world.

Honest pricing policy

The prices already include all internal costs (transit security, insurance guarantee, port visits, scales, etc.) – you will get a fair and reasonable price list for freight transportation in Europe and other countries of the world. You will also have the opportunity to fix prices for services for a certain period of time (month, year).

Many years of experience and a large staff of professionals

Rhino Transport & Logistics Group has been successfully working with freight transportation and customs clearance since 1994, and some of the clients have been entrusting the company with their cargoes for more than 25 years. The company employs more than 100 highly qualified employees with logistics backgrounds. In addition, Rhino Transport & Logistics Group is a member of IRU (ERAA, ASMAP), Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Freight forwarders’ and motor carriers’ liability insurance

Carriers’ liability insurance protects goods transported up to the borders defined by the CMR and TIR conventions. If the goods are damaged during transportation and the carrier has to compensate the owner of the goods, this type of insurance is covered by the insurance company according to the international CMR convention.

Freight forwarders’ and road carriers’ liability insurance

Freight forwarders’ liability insurance covers claims made against the freight forwarder under the freight forwarding contract. If the goods are damaged or lost in the course of transportation and the freight forwarder has to compensate the owner for the loss, the insurance company will indemnify the loss according to the general terms and conditions.