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Container transportation

Container transportation is the most efficient and economical type of shipping worldwide. In this way, you can get any cargo (both small and large-sized) delivered quickly and inexpensively to any destination in the world. Container shipping on the sea does not depend on the weather or other external factors, so this type of delivery can be called the easiest and the most reliable. Besides, the containers allow you to transport any, even the most fragile cargo with almost 100% guarantee for goods safety, as well as cargo of any volume and size at a time.

Rhino Transport & Logistics Group arranges container transportation worldwide and it is one of the biggest companies in Estonia, specializing in containers delivered to Eastern European countries through the Baltic states’ ports (Tallinn, Riga and Klaipeda).

FCL transportation (container fully loaded and intended for one recipient) is carried out in co-operation with big maritime companies.

LCL transportation (container transportation of small loads intended for several recipients) is carried out in co-operation with the Group’s partners in various seaports of Europe, Far East, USA, Australia, and Africa.

Co-operation with large ocean container lines provides the best distribution of cargo, formation of convenient schedules and allows to offer you a full range of standard and special equipment:

  •  20- and 40-feet containers: 20DC/40DC
  •  40- and 45-feet high cube container: 40HC/45HC
  •  20- and 40-feet high cube reefer container: 20RF/40RF
  •  20- and 40-feet open-top containers and collapsible flat rack containers, convenient for combined transportation: 20OT/40OT/20PW/40PW/20FT/40FT

Container transportation services include:

  •  “Port-to-port” or “door-to-door” delivery
  •  Consolidation of cargo from different senders to one container for one consignee
  •  Possibility to transport large-dimensioned /over-dimensioned and heavy loads
  •  Readdressing of containers
  •  Services of the customs broker
  •  Preparation of customs documentation
  •  Arrangement of load processing in ports and at customs warehouses
  •  Surveying services, inspection and load quality control before loading to containers
  •  Cargo insurance, issue of through bill of lading
  •  Control of transport geolocation during your order implementation

Rhino Transport & Logistics Group will help you to deliver any cargo of any size to any destination in the world in a safe, easy, and cost-efficient way with the help of container transportation. This method is especially suitable for transporting large-sized goods and items: for example, cars, equipment, and specialized machinery.