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About our company

Rhino Transport & Logistics Group is a leading Estonian freight forwarding company, which combines several companies with different spheres of activity, related to the organization of a full range of services for the delivery and forwarding of export-import cargoes by different modes of transport in international traffic.

We offer a full range of services on a scheme “from door to door” in the field of organization of multimodal transportation.


● All possible ways of cargo delivery, including door-to-door delivery services
● cargo storage/processing (weighing, labeling, packing, repacking, palletizing, warehousing)
● documentary support of cargo
● cargo declaration and customs clearance services
● consolidation of cargo at terminals from different suppliers for one recipient
● customs carrier services
● cargo insurance
● registration of phytosanitary and veterinary certificates
● transportation, labeling and declaration of dangerous goods (IMO)