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Air transportation

International air transportation is the fastest way of transportation. This option is especially suitable for small batches of cargo (from 1 kg) and to those customers for whom the delivery time is critical. A separate advantage of air transportation is the possibility of fast delivery to long distances.

Rhino Transport & Logistics Group deliver your cargo with air transport to any place in Europe and worldwide, as well as in Russia and the CIS countries. The company has concluded co-operation agreements with the largest airlines, which guarantees safe and fast transportation of your cargo.


Air transportation services include:

  • Transportation of any cargo weighing from 1 kg with air transport using the most optimal route
  • “Door-to-door” delivery of goods
  • Packaging, storage, and insurance of goods
  • Handling operations during transportation
  • Forwarding and execution of all the necessary documents for the sender and the consignee

Air transportation with Rhino Transport & Logistics Group offers new opportunities for any business allowing to increase the logistics speed internationally. Besides, air transportation shall not be necessarily expensive. The company will assist you to calculate the individual tariff and optimizing the cost of transportation while maintaining its main advantages: the speed of transportation and safety of your cargo.