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Trucking is the best way to deliver of medium size cargo. Besides, this method of transportation has an obvious advantage over the others since it includes the least number of work stages (the process does not depend on marine ports, railways and airports activity), and the delivery is carried out directly to the address of the recipient. Cargo transportation by road worldwide – the perfect option for those who appreciate the high speed of order delivery and its reasonable price.


Rhino Transport & Logistics Group provides a full range of delivery and forwarding services for cargo exported and imported by road from Europe to CIS countries and in the opposite direction.


We are a direct carrier

Trucking services include:

The company’s priority areas of activity include:

The entire vehicles fleet complies with the Euro-5 emission standards and is insured against the civil liability risks of the carrier (CMR insurance).

Rhino Transport & Logistics Group guarantees the safety of your cargo at each stage of international road transportation. You can entrust the company even the most complex and fragile subjects because all trucks and equipment for transportation are fitted with special protective mechanisms that will ensure freight security on the road.